Press for North by Northamptonshire:

"Katherine Jakeways is the new Victoria Wood. And that's official. Her character comedy is so acutely observed and so sharp that it's in danger of causing permanent injury. Sheila Hancock narrates this story of life in a small Northamptonshire town that's home to the funniest of locals. Miss this at your peril." Radio Times 8/6/10

"A new four-part series with the potential to become a classic in the Little Britain mode. An all-star cast - Sheila Hancock, Mackenzie Crook, Penelope Wilton, Felicity Montagu and Kevin Eldon - star in Katherine Jakeways' comedy about stultifying small-town obscurity, where middle-aged no-hopers live lives of quiet desperation and the young leave town at the earliest opportunity. The laughs are cruel, but the monsters of suburbia are curiously sympathetic, and the characters so well drawn and well played that this could run and run." Time Out 10/6/10

"Welcome back to this acutely observed comedy. Katherine Jakeways' script details lives of brief encounters, quiet desperations and thwarted dreams with a mix of poignancy and very good jokes." The Times

"Sheila Hancock gives a perfectly pitched performance of dry drollery...and the whole thing's a finely written comic delight". Daily Mail

"Seldom has a radio comedy had a more brilliant cast. The thing about Wadenbrook is that anyone who has ever lived anywhere will recognise what goes on." Telegraph, Gillian Reynolds.

"Hear this...Laugh until you cry as the bleakest sitcom ever written returns for a new run. Ostensibly Katherine Jakeways's series is a comedy: it has the structure of a comedy and the characters of a comedy and it's set in the kind of stupefied suburbia that has spawned a thousand sitcoms. But this is humour of the blackest kind as lives of quiet desperation and bitter disappointment are played out against the backdrop of residents' meetings, church hall events and supermarket announcements. Brilliantly played by a fine cast including Penelope Wilton, Mackenzie Crook, Sheila Hancock and Kevin Eldon, it's superbly written too." Time Out 1-7 December 2011

"It would have been worth listening to the Radio 4 sitcom North by Northamptonshire just for Sheila Hancock and Penelope Wilton, but it turned out to be good in all sorts of other ways too. Setting it in the fictitious market town of Wadenbrook, writer Katherine Jakeways picked off local "characters" with the eagle eye of a rooftop sniper. For example, Rod relieves the tedium of managing the local Co-op by sending suggestive messages over the tannoy, while Frank and Angela celebrate their love by performing the worst ever version of Je t'aime. Clearly a major comedy writing talent, Jakeways is as adept at coming up with stinging one-liners as she is able to create a choice gallery of English eccentrics. Casting Sheila Hancock as the narrator was inspired: her sardonic and sometimes downright snide interventions making a perfect counterpoint to the barminess of Wadenbrook's social round. I can imagine this one transferring well to TV." The Stage 05.07/10

"Katherine Jakeways' tale of a small town preparing for a talent show is a comedy cracker. Penelope Wilton, Mackenzie Crook and Sheila Hancock lead the cast in what is a tender look at British eccentricity, community and a slideshow featuring inappropriate images of Victorian ladies, and also a very funny half-hour." Radio Times 15.06.2010

"A star cast decorates Katherine Jakeways' slightly surreal comedy about the inhabitants of a small town...There's a tinge of Under Milk Wood about it all" Radio Choice, The Times, 16.06.10

"Jakeways herself is excellent as crazed self-defence teacher Esther" Pick of the Day, Observer 16.06.10

"Funny and touching series about a small town preparing for a talent night" Radio Choice, The Independent 16.06.10

"This new four-part comedy of the reflective kind, set in a small town bubbling with hope, fear and mistrust, a bit like an inland English Under Milk Wood faintly reminiscent of Peter's Tinniswood's lively studies in eccentricity. By Katherine Jakeways, it has the great benefit of Sheila Hancock as narrator, Mackenzie Crook as Rod the supermarket manager, and the author herself as instructor of both driving and judo. The overall plot is how they're all getting ready for a talent night, produced by Mary (fab Penelope Wilton)." Gillian Reynolds' Choice, Daily Telegraph, 16.06.10

"Sheila Hancock is the narrator in Katherine Jakeways' new four part comedy drama serial. It's set on Wadenbrook, an hour from Peterborough by bus, but where the local co-op is the centre of local life, partly because Rod the manager, comes on the tannoy to tell customers more than they might want to know about his private life. Imagine a version of Llareggub in Northants, with Ken Bruce on the radio and a talent contest in sight". Gillian Reynolds Sunday Telegraph 13/6/10

"Sheila Hancock is the deadpan, beautifully spoken narrator of North by Northamptonshire, a four-parter set in an impeccably respectable small town, where everyone's going quietly bonkers. Cleverly written, understated comedy" Radio Choice, Daily Mail, 5 STARS

Press for Katherine's solo Edinburgh shows
(Katherine Jakeways and Lost in Bank Station)

"Talent in abundance...killer performer...rising starlet" Guardian, 4 stars

"A one-woman Little Britain" Independent

"One of the most exciting young comic talents on the current scene" BAFTA

"Immaculately well-observed... Jakeways has a stiletto-sharp ear for soul-piercing lines" - Evening Standard

"(one of ) the 50 best things to do in Edinburgh - more spot on comic portraiture" - The Guardian

"After last year's acclaimed Fringe debut Jakeways returns to Edinburgh with her painfully observed, but big-hearted brand of character comedy.......a tragi-comic delight which brilliantly showcases her talents as a writer and performer" - 3 Weeks

"A truly gifted comedian.....there are killer liners that are worthy of Alan Bennett. ****" - Metro

"Jakeways invests an almost novelistic care in the dialogue and details, and the show goes deeper than caricature. When they're hilarious it appears accidental, and when they try to be funny they seem sad. They could almost be real" - Sunday Herald

"An ambitious and dark affair......she's a sharp observer and a remarkable actress, and hers is a career to watch" - Daily Telegraph

"The focus on the three well-conceived characters gives her the opportunity to really hone her skills at a number of genres - particularly excelling in black comedy - her audience gets a rollercoaster ride through all kinds of laughter" - The Stage

"Katherine Jakeways is a hugely talented actress with a real feel for comedy monsters with soft centres. She is the Delia Smith of the bitter-sweet comedy confection" - The Scotsman

"This brilliantly put-together production is a fine showcase of a fine comedy actress. Katherine Jakeways elegantly constructs characters of depth and texture, much richer and more subtle than you have any right to expect" - Chortle

"One to watch" - Daily Telegraph

"Acutely observed...I nearly choked on my pint" - Daily Telegraph

"Her acutely observed character comedy is the best on the Fringe" - Independent on Sunday

Critics Choice - The Times 14/8/03

Pick of the Day - The Guardian 18/8/03

"This is the slickest of shows.....the forecast for Jakeways is undoubtedly sunny" - Evening Standard

"It's the kind of feminine humour that made Smack the Pony work and Jakeways has got it down perfectly" - Metro

"Katherine Jakeways' comedy debut is impressive to say the least. Her stage presence is almost hypnotic and her sketches - half acted, half projected on the screen - are written with great panache, attention to detail and a great sense of timing" - The Stage

"This brilliantly observed character would have been worthy of inclusion in Chris Morris's seminal The Day Today........someone we can expect to hear more of" *** - Chortle

"Agents and producers on the look-out for a talented female comedy-actress should check her out" - The Herald ***

"Each character is so well defined; the show clearly marks Jakeways as a female Steve Coogan" - Paramount Comedy